How to Pick Lottery Numbers to Win Big Prizes Satta Matka

It is impossible to predict which numbers will win any given lottery. In particular past results have no bearing on future results. Does this mean you should just use a pin to pick your lottery numbers? Many people believe so but it is a mistake.

The numbers you pick affect HOW MUCH YOU WIN if you do win. For example, so-called lucky “7” is actually very unlucky indeed. Many people choose this number and so if it comes out, it increases the chances of the jackpot being shared. A shared jackpot is likely to be disappointing in size.

More importantly popular numbers diminish the size of the minor prizes. If you were going to get a consolation prize you would much prefer $9000 rather than $2000 for example. The numbers you choose have a big effect on your likely winnings. Rollovers are an even greater factor. They have an enormous effect on the size of jackpots.

These are complicated issues and require serious mathematical analysis to reveal the facts.

Have you wondered why some weeks a lottery payout is small?  In 2007 in Florida, for example, payouts ranged from $1.4 million to $18 million. Matka Such variations occur year on year in lotteries all over the world. $1.4 million is great but how much more life-changing is $18 million?

The same is true for the smaller payouts. One week the payout for five out of six was $2,075; another week it was $9,779. How would you feel if you got five numbers and the payout was a measly $2,075? Remember, all tickets have an equal chance of success so isn’t it crazy to buy a ticket which is effectively competing for a $1.4 million/ $2075 payout when for the same money you can be competing for a $18 million/ $9,705 payout. Get smart.

Mathematical research can reveal why some payouts are low and conversely why others are high. It requires analysis of thousands and thousands of lottery results from all over the world and it requires special techniques to identify numbers that win big prizes and numbers that damage your winnings.

Special insight can be gained by looking at draws where there are rollovers. Self-evidently there is a rollover when people have not chosen the winning numbers. Consequently these numbers are of great interest.

It is wrong to rely on statistical patterns only. Statistics are only half the story. You should only believe a statistical result if there are logical reasons to expect or explain that result. This is another vital aspect of the research I have undertaken. This allows me to conclude that there are numbers that pay out big winnings. Conversely there are “killer” numbers that damage your winnings. This leads to a system for picking numbers. The final choice is obviously yours. Your reasons for that choice might be highly personal but you should work within a structure that puts you in the big payout zone.

Nobody can tell you which numbers are going to win. If I could, I would most likely not be writing this article. I would be too busy sailing my yacht round the Caribbean. What I am sharing with you is my knowledge that there are numbers that are more likely to lead to big payouts. Once you find out about these numbers, it will change the way you play the lottery forever.


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